Coral Fleece Fast Drying and Absorbent Hair Towel With Secure Buttons

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Tired of your hair falling out of your towel when wet? How about the entire towel falling off as you're trying to get ready?

This product is here to help!

Our coral fleece towels are designed to make wet hair easier and more convenient for you to get ready while it dries!

Our towels are made from a special material that is soft to the touch, super absorbent and fast drying. this means that it will work faster and more efficiently to keep your hair dry.

ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: You don't need to only use these for your shower, you can take these wherever you go. Perfect for the gym, beach trips, traveling and holidays, pool parties and professional salon use!

DURABLE AND EASY TO USE: The strengthened edging is not easy to crack. After hundreds of washes, the towels still does not deform. The towel keeps the hair up, in and intact comfortably.

SECURE: Our towels are fitted with a loop and button to guarantee a tight, secure hold on the head. You can continue on with your day/getting ready etc without worrying about your hair falling out!

CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR: Coral Pink, Milk White, Lavender Lilac, Sky Blue, Charcoal Grey.