2 Pack Lux Marshmallow and Point Cut Sponge Bundle ( SAVE!)

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Buy the bundle and SAVE!

These sponges are a step up in the make up game.

The Marshmallow sponge is used for applying foundation while the Point Cut sponge is used for applying concealer and powder in hard to reach places on the face such as under the eyes and contour under the cheekbones.

Due to the expansion of the sponges, you can complete application in less than half your normal foundation applying time.

These sponges set your foundation in so that the result is streak-free.

They are extremely soft,so handle gently.

Multi-usage: The sponge can be used when wet or dry, and is great for contouring and blending.

Extremely easy to clean.

Absorbs oil from the skin.

Best used when damp. Run in sponge under water, squeezing out the excess water regularly until the sponge increases in size.

Odor free, eco-friendly and Latex free.

Comes with a user care card and is packaged in a clear box.